Subhajyoti Chaudhuri


I am a theoretical / computational chemist who develops and applies classical and quantum mechanical methods to study behavior of physical, chemical, and biological systems.

At present, I am a postdoctoral fellow with George C. Schatz in the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. Before this, I got my PhD under the supervision of Victor S. Batista in the Department of Chemistry at Yale University.

I am particularly interested in studying charge, spin, and energy transfer in systems of varying complexities.

I am passionate about designing materials for a sustainable future, and have been working with some of the global leaders in the areas of
– improved solar fuels catalysts
– artificial photosynthetic systems for water oxidation
– sustainable separation of metals
– regenerative electronics
See research and publications sections for more information.

Northwestern University Theoretical Chemistry Seminar Series (TCSS)
I run TCSS with Todd Gingrich and Roel Tempelaar. If you are in the greater Chicago area and have exciting theoretical chemistry research to share with us, let me know, and we will be happy to host you for a seminar.

I am actively involved in various teaching, mentorship, and outreach activities in the greater Chicago area as well as virtually. Organizers, if you have an activity that can benefit from our involvement - be it a science fair, or teaching K12 students about various scientific topics, please feel free to reach out.
If you are interested in supporting higher education of low-income-group students in India through Padakshep, don’t hesitate to email me.
If you are part of Lindau Mentoring Hub or Yale Cross Campus, feel free to reach out through the portals.

Contact me:
:house: Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Hall, Rm. 4003, 2190 Campus Dr, Evanston, IL 60208


Nov 6, 2023 Faculty Candidates in CoMSEF AIChE Annual Meeting 2023 (Florida)
Nov 5, 2023 Meet the Faculty Candidates Poster Session AIChE Annual Meeting 2023 (Florida)
Jul 21, 2023 Invited Talk - Statistical Thermodynamics & Molecular Simulations Seminar Series (Virtual)
Jun 30, 2023 Invited Talk - ACS Northwest Regional Meeting (Montana)